POSTLEY Review: All In One Social Media Tools

86% of small businesses don’t know how to get their products in front of their ideal customers’ eyes. Postley comes with a powerful software that can help you with organic traffic and sales from social media. Continue reading Postley review find the feature, price and is it worth your money?

One most commonly asked question how to engage an audience on social media is one of the most difficult challenges for a marketer today.

The key lies in creating such images, videos and posts that cater to people’s interests and needs. 

Postley Welcome Dashboard

Postley is a newly created Facebook and Instagram traffic generation software that will help you generate fantastic ad campaigns and boost your traffic. It’s the first time that multiple social media marketing tools have been combined together to generate traffic for Facebook and Instagram, and it’s the first of its kind software.

It will work as soon as you install the software on your website. I was looking for something that could generate traffic directly from social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram but this product does what exactly it says and more!

All of the 20+ features and resources are available for a lifetime at a one-time fee of $67.

I’d like to start off by saying thank goodness for a program that has all of the integrations I was looking for already enabled. I’ve tried a few before, but some of them have been delayed for months in connection with some of the most popular social media sites.

Postley Dashboard

I love the most of this tool

Spy: Postley can instantly see your rivals’ highest converting and revenue-generating Ads for any keyword, remark on the ad, competitor name, landing page URL, and even the keyword on their landing page.

Create: Using our powerful in-built drag-n-drop image editor and social post creator, you can easily replicate your competitor’s winning ad and publish it as a Page post on Fb and Instagram right inside Postley.

Automate: high-performing Post is automatically tracked and scheduled for weeks or months at a time. To get 10x traffic, spend less on ads, and pay less for clicks, Postley automatically tracks the best post to publish as Ads.

Profit: Use Postley’s hidden Facebook interest to create or schedule any kind of Ad, and get traffic that your competitor will never even imagine. This strategy will get you traffic without fail.

Postley is a 20-in-1 software that allows you to get TRAFFIC from Facebook and Instagram in the easiest and best way possible, without burning your money in testing ads that are out-of-date.

Postley is a traffic generator software that can easily redirect traffic from Facebook and Instagram to your site with the help of Postley. Postley is a software which generates a large number of traffic to any website.

With this Postley you can get instant traffic and the traffic can be customized according to your wish. It is easy to use and has a good UI. Postley can be used for YouTube and Pinterest as well.

Postley Content Planner

All In One Social Media Tool

Postley is a traffic generator program in the future. Brands may reach out to their audience on premier social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which are extremely viable. Many marketers fail to convert such an audience into traffic for their website.

Postley’s developers were very aware of this difficulty and came up with a clever solution. Postley is a 20-in-1 app that allows you to perform over 20 different jobs from a single dashboard.

Such a tool will be extremely beneficial for running advertising campaigns and getting greater ROI for marketers and advertising firms.

Furthermore, using the picture and video creator and editor tools, users may get creative with their promotions.

A comprehensive instructional and walkthrough is provided by the makers of Postley, which helps users understand all features of the program and how to use them.

Postley will enhance the effectiveness of your organic and paid social media initiatives like nothing before, according to Jai Sharma, the founder.

Postley Dashboard

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

A set of tools to research, plan, create, schedule, and monitor the performance of social media posts is required by every digital marketer to run a successful social media campaign.

Others may experiment with shortcuts that yield fast results but do not last, while others sink big money into paid campaigns.

Postley simplifies the whole process of launching social media advertising campaigns, making it the solution for all of your problems. Furthermore, Postley’s advanced capabilities can increase traffic by up to 10x times.

Postley offers itself as a lucrative and viable option for anybody who wants to maintain consistent traffic on their website.

The following is a list of 20 powerful Postley features that will save you money ($500). Postley is a 20-in-1. In our Postley review, we discovered that Postley has a lot of powerful features that can save you money and also provide you with valuable information.

Postley is a 20-in-1 and in our Postley review, we discovered that Postley has a lot of powerful features that can save you money and also provide you with valuable information.

Postley is the world’s most complete Facebook and Instagram traffic software, and it comes with 20 incredible tools for EASILY Boosting the Performance of Your Content. Postley is highly effective for posting content to Facebook & Instagram and getting customer leads.

Postly is an automated post promotion software which is a powerful tool that is used to promote posts to Facebook. It allows you to manage multiple Ad Sets, which includes multiple Boost Post campaigns, for Facebook Ads, and you can filter conditions to determine which one has the best. Thus, Postly is a powerful tool that is used to promote posts to Facebook.

It allows you to manage multiple Ad Sets, which includes multiple Boost Post campaigns, for Facebook Ads, and you can filter conditions to determine which one has the best.

  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Content Research.
  • Create, Scheduling Social Media Posts and Tracking Your Posts. 
  • Finding Your audience Interests.
  • Auto Generate Hashtags.

They might sound a little exaggerated when the originator of Postley claims that the one-of-a-kind qualities of 20 social media marketing apps are put together in one. We provide an overview of all of this app’s features to help our readers understand how it can be a one-stop solution.

Postley Post Ideas Generator

Smart Ad Spy – Keywords, niche, landing page, and so on can all be found on Facebook and Instagram. The understanding of such ads will be poor thanks to ad analytics.

User Interest Finder – This functionality allows you to discover relevant hidden Facebook interests that you may target in your campaign by searching certain keywords in your niche.

Social Post – Create the most stunning social tweets for numerous accounts with just a few mouse clicks.

Social Post Scheduler –  With just one click, you may access 100 time zones! Yes, it is. Postley allows you to create and publish multiple social posts over days, weeks, or even months.

Recurring Posts Schedule – your posts to repost daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. With engaging andinteresting polls, smart polls spice up your social media marketing game. On the Twitter platform, it is now available. More information will be available soon. Using a csv file, bulk upload and publish your social media content at scale. The template format must be followed in your file.

Ads Campaign – You can create a number of Facebook advertising campaigns focused on a specific market in no time. There are various possibilities such as traffic, conversion, brand awareness, video views, post engagement, and reach. Smart Ads Scheduler is a useful application that allows you to manage your advertising campaigns. Automatically scheduling and managing advertisements is possible. Postley allows you to select the most effective commercials and Facebook hidden likes for your benefit, and a successful advertisement effort is focused on interaction.

Ads Performance Tracker – You may now set your own criteria and monitor your campaign’s performance automatically using this attribute.

Graphics Editor –  You may generate high-quality images in a short period of time by simply dragging and dropping photos.

Adset – you can either create or select any AdSet within each campaign with quick and easy steps. 

Call To Action (CTA) Post – You’ll have it easy creating “Call to Action” posts. Drive traffic to your chosen page by providing a link or a button.

Caption Generator – Your audience is held captive by a strong caption. You can develop,change, and reuse captions to pack a punch in your posts thanks to Postley’s caption creator.

Slide Post Generator – Get a quick glimpse into products or services with attractive slide posts for your customers. This feature makes it simple to build stunning slides and carousel posts.

Audience Finder – You may compare all of your audience in Ads account and automatically identify the most successful group with Postley. As a result, you can spend more time focusing on the right audience for your company.

Post-Performance Analytics – This functionality is crucial for increasing your campaign’s return on investment. You may now set up automated rules to monitor and maximize the engagement of your most successful social media tweets.Multi-Language Dashboard- 

Especially to cater to non-English speaking clients, Postley dashboards can be translated into different languages. 

Hashtag Generator – This is a tool that can help you create many viral hashtags for your different twitter tweets and boost their performance by up to 5x.

Interest Suggestions – This feature helps you choose better keywords and reveal hidden interests. These ideas aid you focus on 10 times smaller demographic groups.

500+ Design Templates – There are more than 500 Done For You templates available in 50+ categories. These templates were created by top designers and may be adjusted to meet your requirements. Consumers also get unlimited access to millions of HD stock videos and photos, which may be utilized to generate cool social media posts and videos.

When it comes to pricing, postley stands out above the rest of the pack. This app offers you the power of 20 features for a extremely pocket-friendly price, while other popular apps may charge you hundreds of dollars for just a few features.

It seems to be very promising based on our experience with the app demo. This tool may be all you need to effectively run social media programs and acquire traffic.

Give your social a boost.

Postley is a social media management tool that helps you create stunning slides and carousel posts for your customers. With Audience Finder, you can identify the most successful group with Postley. As a result, you can spend more time focusing on the right audience for your company.

Additionally, Postley offers post-performance analytics to increase campaign ROI. You may now set up automated rules to monitor and maximize engagement of your most successful social media tweets. Additionally, multi-language dashboards are available to cater to non-English speaking clients. Lastly, hashtag generator help create viral hasht ags for your tweets.

Postley number of different pricing plan . Digital marketing experts looking to increase their traffic may benefit from the Postley personal standard version, Postley Unlimited Pro, and Postley DFY Audience.

For corporations and big marketing teams, a Postley Agency variant offers distinct features, If you are freelance of website owner the basic plan will be enough got you to start with.

The Prices off the different versions are as follows :

  • Solo Plan – $9/mo
  • Basic Plan – $19/mo
  • Starter Plan – $29/mo
  • Growth Plan – $99/mo

It is way ahead of its time! Autoposts are supported on literally every platform imaginable. Images, videos, and of course AI generated text are all acceptable.

Postly Product Generator


Ai Idea generator

9 social platforms – Facebook to TikTok to Telegram. 

UI is awesome

 500 Design Template &  50+ niches


– Ability to upload GIFs

– Content Planner module – in progress

Who Should Purchase Postley?

Those who are serious about Social Media Marketing Postley can really benefit a variety of professions, as seen below.
Social Media Marketers 
Digital Marketers & advertisers affiliate marketers
Digital Marketing Agencies 

Both paid and organic marketing campaigns can benefit from this! According to the creator, it is a powerful tool for any marketer with even modest experience.

Small businesses and startups will benefit from it! Postley is a program that anyone can use to get massive traffic on Facebook and Instagram while still staying under budget.

What are Postly alternative?

A.i-based social media helpers and management tools, Postley alternatives to Ocoya and Feedhive, offer users the ability to manage or create, publish, and schedule posts on all major social media networks from a single dashboard.

In the same way, show all of the post’s results in one analytical area. Now only Postly on lifetime deal.

After thoroughly reviewing the software, and i have to said is well worth the money. I do find that are room for improvement for ability to upload GIFs.

This technology can help professionals research, create, test, optimize, analyze, and boost your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram like never before by bringing together the most advanced and result-oriented features.

When it comes to pricing, Postley stands out above the rest of the pack.

This app offers you the power of 20 features for a very affordable price, whereas other prominent apps might charge hundreds of dollars for a small set of capabilities.

It seems to be quite promising based on our experience with the demo account. This might be all you need to successfully manage social media campaigns and generate traffic.

If you looking for best SEO Tool for your website to increase traffic.

Take a look at the wide range of features Postley is providing and decide whether or not you want to invest in them once they are launched on November 3, 2020.

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Arthur T
Arthur T
2 years ago

I liked Ocoya more, much clear interface. Due post creation process, A bit confusing at start but once use to is great 😊 . They no long offer lifetime deal.